Benefits of Using SEO Planner Tools

Benefits of Using SEO Planner Tools                                           (Courtesy of

The main difference between a personal blog and a niche website is that in blog you can use broad term keywords and in niche websites you need to use targeted keywords which will help bring the desired audience to the website. Keyword Research is a term which should be inbuilt techniques used by every blogger to get targeted customers to their website.

As a SEO Company in India, blogging has evolved from just quality content to SEO optimized social content. Although it is highly important to write good content it is also important to optimize article well in search engines. SEO starts with selecting the right keyword for your post, and they keyword should be one which have search volume.

The idea behind performing a research is to, find the keywords that can give maximum traffic and comes with less competition. By doing a complete Keyword search you will be able to find keywords to drive targeted traffic, more revenue and more niche traffic. You can also analyze competitor site and find keywords which they were ranking for, doing a keyword research based on data can drive immense traffic to your site.

The Google Keyword Planner is one such tool which has all the information you require to get ahead with your keywords. In this you will put your target Keywords, do some searches based on your knowledge and the tool will show the result globally and local search. As a SEO Firm in India, you can also select the Search type for your searches which include broad, exact and phrases. In the keyword tool column you can find how the competition is bidding for which keywords, Global Monthly Search, Local Monthly Search and Approximate Cost per Clicks. There are many research tools such as SEMRUSH and LongTailPro to analyze the competition of a keyword.

Google instant search is the first basis of finding a perfect keyword. It’s more like a Keyword discovery tool, which you can use to generate traffic and ideas on how to handle the traffic. Once you have selected a few keywords, start adding it to Google Keyword Suggestion tool and perform a search. The next step is to check if these keywords will have any impact on these two keywords and going to do any benefit regarding traffic. Targeting 2-3 keywords/post, you can create your SEO Strategy depending upon your post quality and length, before that, you can change your filter to see if your target Keyword has any exact Match type.

These searches will not only help in creating a niche market for your website but will also help create the traffic convert into sales if you are an ecommerce website along with increasing the customer base.