8 things to Consider Before Investing in SEO

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

SEO can be overwhelming to start with, build links and monitor the title tags along with optimizing your page speed scores- where do you begin?

Over the years, I have tried ranking on various search terms and have brought companies to rank on the first page worldwide for search terms, mostly because it brings a majority of the leads and fuels company growth. Search engine optimization is certainly a high-value marketing tactic in a digital strategy which does not happen overnight.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Here are a few things to consider before investing in SEO:

  1. Patience: It took the author three years to rank on the first page of the keyword “digital marketing company” and he has had clients who have waited for three years to rank on the first position for their respective target keywords. The payoff is great and it takes a lot of patience to get to that point.
  2. Impatience: Not every company can wait until their SEO ranking kicks in. In order to be effective, companies need to be impatient and invest in digital marketing activities outside of SEO. Specifically, pay-per-click advertising can deliver immediate results while determining whether a keyword is worth ranking for.
  3. What content will you create on an ongoing basis? Being viewed by Google as a resource helps with the ranking. To be viewed as a resource you need links and content. Ask yourself if there are 52 blog post that should be created on your website. If you have good content then ranking will become easier for target keywords.
  4. Not every organic search visit will convert: Getting your website to rank for certain keywords only to find that the conversion rates of those keywords are low is a bummer. Ranking no.1 for a search term isn’t always a good thing.
  5. When you do find a keyword that converts, do everything you can to protect that search position: when the author was managing for a client, he was ranking in to the top 10 search position and making $5,000 a week with no advertising costs. One day, Google changed the ranking and placed the company on the third page of search results. Revenue dried up. When you rank well for a converting keyword, monitor it and continue to build on it like you were still on page three.
  6. Competition dictates actions: Some industries are highly competitive when it comes to SEO. Do a competitor analysis for top 20 of your competitors and find out what it would take to overtake them. And how your website stacks up against competitors is another important facet.
  7. What are cost: who is going to do the work and what do they cost? What are the expenses associated with doing business through your website? Adding costs can provide key insight into your return on investment/
  8. Profit is what matter: Investments need a positive return. Given the point above, how many sales would your company require to make to break even and become profitable? Knowing the competitive landscape in search result pages, how long it takes to rank for a target keyword, and how much you’ll pay an SEO professional to get your website to rank – is it all worth it?

SEO provides incredible value to companies and marketers. There are a couple of takeaways from these points that determine whether you are ready to invest in SEO.

Will you make more money than you spend?

Do you have a chance for ranking for high-conversion keywords?

If the answers are “yes”, then good luck creating content, back linking and monitoring Google Search Console.