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If you have found the good keywords for your niche, optimized titles and body copy, an XML Sitemap and still you can’t seem to break past your competitors. As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, if you are a startup or a new company, you can do an expensive site overhaul or even commit to SEO. Otherwise you can do a few tweaking which will help move the needle.

Distribute link authority from homepage to include other pages

Your home page attracts more links than any other page of your site. A strategy of yours should be to move authority from home page to other page you would like to rank.

It would be better if you added the links of the most important products pages in the body of the homepage, then feature things like articles and landing pages in the body. Creating clear, prominent links is useful from a user experience standpoint because it ensures people can easily find your best quality stuff.

Stop using Huge Images

Often content writers and designers don’t consider the file size or resolution of an image before adding it to a page. They won’t reduce an image to the maximum size needed on the page, nor save it at appropriate resolution.

Image resizing or even huge images on webpages cause it to slow down the time it takes for the page to load, hurting both ranking and user experience. The best thing would be to optimize that image to a more reasonable size and then re-upload it. Train the people who create and upload your content to get into the habit of checking image sizes before they publish anything.

Update 404 pages so that users can link to it

Look for URLs that give a 404 error and also have external links pointed at them, prioritize fixing it ASAP, as you are squandering link authority every minute that remains unfixed. As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, in order to find such links use the Google Search Console, Google will sort the errors by the most to least important and the most important include the ones with external links.

Leverage the article, micro site or video on secondary pages

Videos, articles or micro sites can be a fantastic way to garner brand awareness and attention. If you are hosting the content on other’s domains, then you may be wasting the SEO opportunity. Certain content when not linked back to the authority website failed at creating brand awareness. Brand Awareness is your ole goal, at a minimum; you need a link to your site from the syndicated content.

Use Forums and social hubs to uncover valuable keywords and topics

You can convert a valuable keyword before your competitor if you monitor conversations in social media or forums on the web. It will not only help you rank for that question or phrase, but it will also seat you in a position of authority by knowing the answers to the question. Having content written on such keywords can give you an advantage, not only in thought leadership, but in ranking and traffic as well.

Increase the visibility of your SERP list with rich snippets

Rich snippets are SEO tactics, which when coupled with a great, enticing meta description and title tag, make your snippet stand out from the crowd. Each rich snippet added to SERP is advantageous. The rating shows that this provider has high-quality products and “in-stock” markers tell searchers what they need to know to invest in your quality product. The extra product information and review starts naturally draw the users causing increase in click through rate, which will help also drive more visitors to your site.

Use Links analysis and mine for your competitor’s best links

Authoritative links are critical to high Google rankings. Such links is where people get lost. As a SEO Services Company in India, one simple thing you can do is find hubs that link to multiple competitors. A hub is a site that links out to the major players within a niche. It could be a trade magazine, a blog, a forum or a review site.

Search for the sites linking to your competitors and examine them to see which might link to you and reach out to them. This is the easiest format of link building which will not only add authority to your website but also qualify them as ones that will link to sites like yours.