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SEO is like juggling balls, the more adept you get at it, the better it becomes with time. And if it comes to forgetting juggling, once you learn SEO there is probably no chance you will forget the techniques. But, like juggling, Search Engine Optimization done without knowing how it works, will lead you to fail.

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Here are six ways to fail:

Being out of Date

Even most big companies with million dollars of online sales often work with experts who after learning the techniques have not updated their knowledge to fit the time. SEO is an ever-changing field and this approach will not work.

Having archaic knowledge about SEO can be problematic on many levels, firstly you will not have the skills to outperform your competitors that are using more cutting-edge tactics.

Another major risks is the constant updation of techniques which are acceptable in SEO. If certain methods of SEO were widely accepted, and in the following years they were considered spammy or “black hat”- then you are most probably looking at penalties that could remove a part of your site or the whole. And depending on how much your revenue is based on organic traffic, this could have disastrous effect on your business.

Low Ambition

Since efficient SEO can be expensive, most companies after seeing the budget to achieve the goals of SEO settle it down to meet modest targets of SEO.  Unlike many tactical forms of marketing, SEO gets better along with time, and the ambitious plan of reaching the first page of search results for a specific niche will have a greater impact than a half-assed effort at securing a top 10 slot for certain keywords.

No Stamina

A key ability of SEO is to stay on course, and with certain budget which should be adequate and spread out intelligently over the duration of a campaign. If you spend the budget on certain tactics and do not regulate for the duration of the campaign, then most probably you will fail. Following a flawed strategy, or not doing what is necessary, will gradually undermine your search rankings and profitability.

Set and Forget Mentality

One thing to remember is that SEO is an ongoing process and not one time solution. Misguided by SEO companies which provide off-the-shelf solutions of SEO from taking a sequence of steps to be taken once and never repeated.

The biggest strength of SEO is that it becomes more effective over time as long as you continue to maintain it. To abandon the effort will limit the extent of your success as your competitors will try to beat you at all time.

No Tracking or Accountability

Everything you do In SEO should have an tracking and accountability involved, and someone should take these desired steps for tracking success. When things don’t give the desired result or outcome, you should be ble to track analytics data and have an ongoing review process. A clearly defined road map, with tasks assigned to specific team members, can streamline and enhance your SEO plan.

Failing to see the big picture

An SEO executive should be able to understand the needs of the clients and educate them on how to achieve their goals. It is important to remind ourselves that meeting business objective is what really matters- not obtaining high rankings or creating perfectly optimized pages.

SEO strategy is constantly moving, generating more money for client businesses, acquiring more customers, making more sales, retaining current rankings and traffic and delivering results.

Good, sustainable SEO takes time to deliver the greatest impact. Without trust and confidence in your SEO team, you’ll be tempted to bail out.