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Initially PR and SEO were separate entities which did not overlap. But, with time it was seen that PR and SEO overlap so much that they can partner. Rather than being separate entities, it can be seen that SEO and PR work together to improve overall marketing of the company.

Here are some ways to integrate SEO and PR:

Education: Education is a core function which is required. PR can learn about SEO and SEO can learn about PR. PR can become familiar with keyword research, page ranking and other intricacies of SEO. It is essential for PR executives to overcome their fear of technical aspects of SEO such as metadata, tags and other entities.

Revamp the Corporate Structure: Most corporate believe that the departmentalization and upward structure of companies should be removed and the structure should be a flat organizational structure. All marketing and corporate communications should be housed under a common marketing department without separate traditional and digital marketing silos.

Improve Communication: Without revamping and clamping two departments under one function, companies will be able to integrate SEO and PR together through improved communication and cooperation. Even something like a weekly update email on the working of the department can go a long way and can encourage collaboration.

Optimizing PR for Search Engine: Placing keywords in title tags, anchor text and image alt tags in PR content, articles and press releases can improve search rankings. Using keywords in press releases will result in the advertisers using the same keywords in describing the brand. SEO can help PR optimize those links earned in social media outlet by making sure content contains links that need a ranking boost. SEO can also make PR links from paid sponsorhsips as no follow links to avoid search engine penalties.

Develop Relationship: You can use your PR department to develop relationship with leading influencers which include media outlets, bloggers and social media influencers, which can improve brand awareness and SEO. Monitoring social media websites will help you define and find influencers in your niche.

Larger companies may send multiple requests to an influencer. To avoid this you can streamline your PR and SEO department to handle different influencers. PR might handle relationships with mass media outlets, while the content marketing team owns relationships with bloggers and subject matter experts.

Share Calendars: Keep a shared calendar with all the seminars, link building, press releases and other PR and online marketing campaigns. Despite the prevalence of SEO recommendations, some public relation seniors urge PR pros to focus on developing relationships and gaining publicitiy. SEO benefits will naturally follow.

Bottom Line: Integrating PR and SEO is vital for effective digital marketing. Successful PR requires employing SEO best practices, and effective SEO Calls for expert PR skills. The two disciplines share the same goals and can improve marketing results and corporate reputation by working together.