SEO Services Company in India

SEO Services Company in India

SEO has its benefits over PPC where it is free, while this may be true SEO takes time to show result and sometimes you are targeting the right keyword but the wrong audience, building links, creating content and you do not see the results.

PPC, however, offers near-instant result and like most adword platforms gives advertisers data and insights.

As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, we will talk about how to use PPC to increase your brand visibility, drive traffic, build links, and get useful data to improve your SEO results.

Improve Search Engine Results Page Ranking

If you reach the number one spot on your desired keyword do not call it a day because PPC’s are placed on the top spot and are required so that you get noticed on the top spot for potential customers.

As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, it is even more important that you run PPC ads for keywords which you are not ranking organically yet, they’re an easy way to increase your visibility on SERPs before your SEO efforts pay off.

Ranking organically on search results as well as top PPC spots will show that you have authority in the market you are targeting.

Using PPC to drive traffic and links for SEO

SEO campaigns depend on content, it is what drives traffic, links and authority, but for that your content should be shared, read and linked to. PPC comes useful in this process as it will share your content on your blog or website with other information to people and companies who would not have noticed it otherwise, it is also cost-efficient since you are bidding on different types of keywords.

As a SEO Services Company in India, the best part of PPC is that you can target the audience which would be most likely to get involved with you, Google can target audiences based on browsing activity, social networks let you target specific job titles or interests.

It is a shortcut to link building, instead of sending tons of emails with content on it you can use ads to show the content, and if the content is good and is shared among the community driving links and traffic both of which will help boost you SEO domain authority.

Use PPC for better SEO

SEO takes time, all the content you create, the links you build and optimization won’t work right away.

With PPC, you can bid on a new keyword, push it live, get data five minutes later. These numbers all tell you about the buying behavior of your audience and how they react to your content. This tells you how your content will perform with organic visitors, how strong your headlines is and you can adjust your content.

Use PPC to retarget past visitors

As a SEO Services in India, SEO cannot retarget or target past visitors who have interacted with your brand before on your website, social media or email.

Earning organic search traffic is hard work, it might’ve taken time for your target keyword and your efforts to pay off. But only 2% of first time visitors convert.

Most visitors are not ready to commit the first or the second time they visit your site, but you need to be on their minds when the time comes.

So you use targeted website visitors in general, target visitors of dedicated landing pages you built to boost SEO. We run campaigns to target visitors and then write copy targeted at those visitors’ interest.

Use SEO Strategy with PPC target audience

A large part of PPC happens on social media. It provides opportunities for highly targeted advertising.

As a SEO Company in India, social Networking Sites allow you to target audience on basis of age, demographic location, interests, browsing history and more.

With this audience insight, you can show an ad only to 18-year-olds who like to order takeout and watch Netflix on the weekends and have visited yours or your competitors website. This will help you get really precise with your targeting and gives you a gold mine of granular details about your audience.