5 Tips for Effective SEO in 2017

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The field of SEO is fast changing and evolving. In 2017, many new techniques are going to be introduced for this year, and the problem is that most developers do not even know about new search engine demands. Below, you will see five tips on how to stay ahead of the competition in 2017.

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Improve Engagement and hence Ranking

Engagement is basically how long you can take up the attention of the visitors. In SEO, it is how long a visitor spends time on the site. The reason behind SEO judging this factor is that, the longer a user spends time on the site, the more useful he found the website. Google, wants to display the best search results as it wants to remain the most popular search engine, so it will promote the site with the best engagement in the results. There are three ways to promote the engagement on your website

  • You can make your post easier to read
  • You can use something called as a Bucket Brigade
  • Or you can fill your post with images

Make Your Pages Longer

According to a study made by BackLinko, the longer your content is, the more chances it has to rank higher in Google search results. Writing 2000 words or more, is not doable for most individuals, and takes a lot of efforts as it is time consuming and labor intensive. Once thing you can do is increase the word length of your existing articles, as it already has viewership and established authority. A good content is one, which is already written and increase the words by introducing new ideas and content.

Set Your Sights on Youtube SEO

According to Tubular Insights, search engines will return results, 55 percent more of the time which has a video on it. 82 percent of the results which are returned on keyword searches are Youtube videos. Youtube is more popular than Yahoo and Bing combined, and hence concentrating on Youtube SEO will improve the site’s ranking. You can research Youtube results on separately, but the complexities of this kind of SEO combined with other techniques may better be left up to an SEO consultant.

Improve Site Speed

Google said that is would now use site loading speed to determine the ranking of website since 2010. Since, it has introduced this methodology; it has shown how quickly loading website and sites that move quickly is important for a site to rank on page ranking. It has helped site developer’s along the way with tools like PageSpeed, Accelerated Mobile Pages Project and Think. Google wants your site to move quickly on regular personal computers and on mobile. It wants it faster than it is right now. How much faster it can move depends on the techniques used to improve the speed of the web pages.

Focus on Topics rather than Keywords

Google has continually improved the way algorithms are evolving in 2017, do not expect your site to end up at the top of the page because of keyword centered content. Developers should stop looking at keywords and more at questions for searches. Basically, you have to try and anticipate the answers to users’ questions. The best way is to know your desired audience inside and out, and you should try and make your content more thematic.