5 SEO Trends that will dominate in 2017

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SEO is a game that is ever changing even in the year 2017. Search Engine Optimizers need to stay ahead of the game at all times given the unpredictability of Google updates. As we start off 2017, it is time to examine the trends and put an SEO plan in place for the next 12 months. Here are some game-changing trends that are set to up the SEO ante this year.

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  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages Take Over

In the age of mobile phones, now most users prefer searching terms on mobile phones rather than on desktop. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is one such technology which helps load pages 30 times faster than it would normally. Search engines have already started to prefer websites which have switched to AMP. There is also much buzz, about AMP and Google giving AMP enabled websites more visibility and better indexing, which is why AMP may become a favorite of Google in 2017.

  1. Content is based on Quality over Quantity

Although content is still king, the kind of content which will drive SEO is still evolving in 2017. Content now requires keywords which are relevant rather than keyword stuffing, which used to take place previously. Also along with no keyword stuffing, content which will be information rich along with content which does not depend on its length will be focused on in 2017. Providing information which is relevant is what will drive SEO barring which nothing else will depend on SEO. The achieving SEO standard content depends on the keyword research which is carried out, which will be explained in the next topic.

  1. Keyword Usage Transforms

As mentioned before, content is not based on keyword stuffing, which was prevalent, but on using related keywords which can be used usefully throughout the content. Using tools such as Keyword Planner Tool and UberSuggest will help you to come up with relevant keywords and come up with optimal plan. While you can get a host of related keyword suggestion from UberSuggest which can be used to create a foolproof content piece, Google Adwords Keyword Planner will give you a full list of suggested keywords which can be used along with a host of phrases which can be used for particular keywords. Using such tools, you can make an informed decision about which keywords to suggest and to use in a particular content. Since voice searches are also being used to perform searches long phrases, long-tail keywords and demographic based keywords the utmost priority in the coming times.

  1. Video Enters the Fray

If used correctly, video can make an SEO campaign foolproof. Since it has been seen that content which is quality helps SEO thrive, videos can be used to improve the ranking and invite more likes and shares and contribute significantly to the overall marketing plan. Quality video will not only drive more visitors to your website, but will also improve the conversion rate of your products in the market. Since video sharing platforms such as Anvato and Famebit have been bought by Google, it is fairly obvious that videos have crept its way back up on the SEO charts. Unfortunately, less SEOers utilize the power of video based content. We see a change in these trends, as videos start gaining importance in SEO in this year.

  1. User Experience Optimization

Google already favors website which offers exceptional user experience. This entails shorter loading times, faster mobile optimization and better user experience for users. Since AMP is making websites load faster already, the websites will look for other ways to improve the user experience and make their website user friendly. In 2017, hence it is seen that User Experience will be a highly effective method of better Social Media Optimization.

Since SEO is more vast than we can imagine, these are just some of the trends that will dominate 2017.