SEO Services Company in Mumbai

SEO Services Company in India

While ranking on Google’s SERP ranking can be hard matter, any secrets which you learn about SEO can help you. Even though Google does not give any knowledge about any techniques you can from research and from Google about ways to boost rankings.

Create Content for Link Building

While many people may believe that Link Building a technique which is not considered in SERP’s, links are still critical to getting high ranking and Google gives domain links the top spot.

As a SEO Services Company in India, link Earning is far more useful than Link building, creating content which is of high quality which will be shared by others will naturally earn links that will improve your rankings.

When you write content which gets people excited, you most likely get more shares and links, so in order to get links from individuals you need to create content for people.

Some example of content could be:

  • Original surveys or research
  • List of industry data or statistics
  • Expert interviews
  • Industry infographics
  • Prediction Posts

Optimize for Google’s ranking factors

Google has hundreds of major ranking factors and thousands of sub ranking factors, which we as individuals do not know about, but we know the top 3 ranking factors; which are Links, Content and RankBrain. As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, knowing these factors and working towards an inclusive SEO campaign will help us improve our rankings on organic searches.

RankBrain is Google’s “machine learning artificial intelligence system that’s used to help process its search result. It’s one of the key ways Google sorts through pages to determine which ones best suits a query”

Basically what that means is that if you write content like a machine then RankBrain will get confused and just pushes you back. If you material looks conversational and upfront and does not include any machine language, is natural then you will be optimized for RankBrain.

Featured Snippet for more Site Traffic

Featured Snippets are form of Google’s Direct Answer which includes a link along with the answer which is found on your website for the question. If Google believes that your answer is the best possible answer to the question, they’ll show a summary of your answer, along with your URL and page title.

Some website owners and marketers are hesitant to optimize for featured snippets, they believe they have sacrificed traffic by showing up as a result.

As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, when optimizing for featured snippets, try to answer more complex questions and not for two-word answers to a very simple question.

Optimize your Content for related topics and words

There are a number of ways your content can rank, some of the areas that correlate with high rankings:

  • Using your keywords in your description and text body
  • Appropriate reading level for your audience
  • Using keywords in your internal and external links

“Relevant terms” are simply words and phrases that are closely related to your primary keyword or topic. Instead of just focusing on your primary keywords, make sure you use your usual keyword tools and strategies to find related words and phrases. Not only with this improve content, also help you rank.

Meet User Intent along with Top Ranking

A page which does not meet user intent for information and relevancy can rank high but will not meet the expectation of the audience and will quickly abandon your page in search of a more useful one.

As users do this, your bounce rate will increase and within time Google will realize your page is missing the mark, and your rankings will drop. As a SEO Services in Mumbai, one of the best ways to make sure you’re matching user intent is to analyze the SERPs, is to run a search query for your keywords and look at which pages are ranking for those words.

While these strategies may not be new to everyone, to improve performance, you need to implement them to leapfrog your competitors in the search engine results.