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When it comes to search engine optimization, you have to be smart to stay on top of the game. Digital Marketing is an ever evolving field and you may find yourself using outdated techniques in your work. Well with so many techniques to choose from, it can be difficult to pick one to stick to. However, the underlying fundamental principles remain unchanged. There are some hacks which will get you top ranking no matter what, and here they are:

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  1. Remove Anything Slowing Down Your Site

Speed is crucial when it comes to search engine ranking. Users are looking for sites that can provide them instant results. No one has time to wait for the site to finally open. I know many people who have faced the same problem when a popular site has taken upto 5 minutes to open. In 2010, Google announced site speed as one of the ranking factors. It is also seen that slow sites are considered untrustworthy and may drive away potential buyers.

  1. Linking to Other Site with Relevant Content

Although most website are scared of losing potential customers by linking to authoritative and relevant content pages, it is one of the most effective ways to increasing organic ranking. Make sure with every article that you put up, you have a link to relevant and authoritative sites. Notify that you have linked out to them, and if they like it then they will link back and share it.

  1. Write for Human First

One of the primary mistake people make is compromising the quality of the content with search engine ranking. The problem was crucial when the use of keyword was primary for driving search engine results. Engaging readers by developing relevant content is the only way of driving organic traffic. The content should be useful to the audience, and this will drive up the search engine ranking. It is an important point of remember that search engines rely on organic traffic and not the other way.

  1. Meta Description

This is the most effective tip when it comes to SEO you have at your fingertips. It’s the section that people can see when the search engine serves up your page. The meta description is one of the most neglected yet one of the most effective strategies for search engine ranking. The meta description is key to grab the attention of the audience using captivating text so that they click and open the site and should be a sentence or two in length.

  1. Social Media

In the recent days, the use of social media has been an integral part of SEO Strategy. If you tap into the millions of people accessing the social media platform, then traffic will never be an issue. You can link to social influencers of your market or create your own social media platform as well.