5 Advantages of Blogging for Business

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As customers turn to technology for home improvement tips, you as a retailer can provide them invaluable advice before them even entering your store. One easy way of doing this is by maintaining a blog.

Blogging is a great way of creating and maintaining a web presence, building up an expertise and to accomplish and draw customers to your operation to accomplish their DIY goals. Creating and posting on blogging platform such as WordPress and Blogger and maintaining a regular posting schedule is very easy.

Why is blogging an advantageous endeavor for independent home improvement retailers? For example when a user searches for a term on the search engine then the engine directs them to the most apt and nearest business, like local hardware stores that frequently blog about projects, services or upcoming events.

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Blogging allows users to easily find businesses through online searches. Plus, online blogging also helps build a bond with customers and makes them return to the online website or visit the store in the future.

Here are five things blogging can do for your business.

  1. Attract your Target Audience

Blogging can catch the attention of customers you want walking through the front door. By frequently blogging on your website and sharing it on social media sites your SEO will increase. This can help your online audience, and also help improves sales in the store or through the online medium.

  1. Track Business Milestones

In addition to product tips and tricks, a business blog can also help inadvertently document the life of your business. For example, you could share the whole process from the foundation to the construction of your office building and then through to the ribbon ceremony and document that on the first day of business. Sharing these business achievements makes it a personal experience for your customers and acts like a digital diary for a retailer.

  1. Share your Mission

Blogging is another medium to increase the beneficial outlet to strengthen your business brand identity if you are able to highlight the purpose. If you are able to connect to your audience on a more emotional level, then you can help improve brand loyalty. A few things you could do is by showcasing what your business does and how it helps improve the community. For example, business executives and bosses can donate material which can help paint a school or can host an event to raise proceeds for a local organization. Make sure to post photos, videos and blog posts, to show from the inception to the time of the event how things have proceeded and also show a recap of the showcase event to show how much fun it was. This shows that your business cares about the community and hence helps build and strengthen a bond with the customer.

  1. Promote Sales and Store Events

Consider adding sales and promotions on your blog, as it will help engagement to your website. if you share the promotions on your social media pages, be sure to link it back to the website, especially if you have an e-commerce page or a buy online, pick up in store program. However, sharing these posts should come in moderation. If there are too many back to sale and product promotions, customers will lose interest and stop visiting your blog.

  1. Provide Value and Build Credibility

Through constant blogging, you create a space where your customer can come to find what they are looking for. If you primarily post business project’s how-to, business updates and event recaps, your customers will find that the business is keeping busy and has what they’re looking for. Each piece of content should inform, educate and entertain. By providing valuable content, you are able to build your company’s credibility. If a potential customer find your blog as they search for advice on a DIY project, having multiple posts and a clean looking blog will help provide a sense of credibility in your business.