If you are a casual football fan, and see that your team in languishing in the bottom three positions for this year, you would think that it has something to do with how the team is being run by the coach or lack of talent. But, if you are an analyst or a diehard fan, you would know that the team is doing well, you would know that you have scouted the right talent from the right place and they would be growing in experience and stature with time. You would know for a fact that if you spent a year or two in the second division you can work your way back into the top flight and improve on the record as compared to this year.

The future of SEO and PR are similar as compared to such football teams, they were termed as dead in 2011. As we approach 2017, we know that is far from the truth.


Start Drafting Wisely

If you own your own company or a marketing professional, you need to start planning for the future and investing in digital PR to beat out the competition. As SEO Services Company in Vashi, you can either augment your team with a marketing professional, or take the help of a specialized marketing agency to assist in this effort. Some teams combine PR and SEO marketing campaigns for many Fortune 500 companies which helped them make a major impact on their bottom line.

If you hire the right kind of talent, it can catapult websites which were in the third or fourth pages of Google to the first page. A “digital unicorn” is one who has knowledge of PR and a firm grasp of SEO, will get your business referenced on external sites through PR connections, outreach and great content creation, which is invaluable in the field of SEO. A person like this should also know how to create a video, and create a final cut along with editing with Photoshop and code HTML.

A person like this should also have worked in PR campaigns which have achieved previous success. Their content published online on a well-known site? Have they had a social campaign which has gone viral? Irrespective of whether their previous work has lead to achieve success for themselves, make sure, this candidate has real life examples to prove that they will be a valuable asset for your business.

Work Around Google’s Core Algorithm

As SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, if you work in SEO or the digital marketing industry, you know that Google values quality content. Gone are the days when you could trick Google by posting low-quality content, you need to constantly be increasing your domain authority.

To do this, you should post relevant content on your blog, one which answers any questions which may be posted by customers. If you have a dermatologist website, posting unique and quality content on various topics in the industry will improve your strength indicator in Google’s eyes, especially if the site links back to you. If you post unforgettable content on Social Media platforms on content, this will likely result in other people interacting with your brand and visiting your site. The more people talk about your content, the higher likelihood you will have to acquire powerful backlinks.

Try Implementing SEO and PR Services

  • Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is an invaluable tool which has been introduced, if you wish to write content on certain topics, you can search them here and it will lead to a huge database of content and sources for upcoming stories and daily opportunities for sources to secure valuable media coverage. Sign up and use this resource as much as you can build credibility and establish media relationships for your site.
  • PitchBox automates the outreach grunt work to help scale your efforts. It handles all the basic workable solutions such as prospecting to the emailing, to tracking and managing the workflow. If you are an industry expert looking to contribute content one external site, PitchBox can help find these sites through its automated software.
  • Moz is another tool to find the success of your PR and SEO marketing efforts. This will help not only by tracking your keyword rankings and inform you when a back link hits the web. It also allows you to track competitor keyword rankings, optimize your local listings and enhance your local presence.

Develop a Game Plan in Your Area

As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, too often, it is seen that when it comes to SEO work, people sit behind the computer and do all the work. It would be better if you did a PR engagement for free. If you do a public speaking engagement, then it would be seen that the number of followers on your account and the number of back links which would be generated would increase. If there is a powerful influencer in your industry nearby, offer to meet him or her for coffee. You never know the ideas they’ll present or the people you’ll be introduced to.