seo company in Navi Mumbai

SEO can be a challenging domain and also can be competitive. Even you are a company which has money to spend on marketing and SEO campaigns, staying ahead among competitors can be a tad challenging.


Fortunately SEO is not so hard to decipher, it can be dynamic, but once you get the hang of the ins-and-outs of it, all you need is an effective strategy, to stay ahead of the curve and emerge victorious.

Here are certain tips you can use to beat competitors:

Know Your Competitors

The first step to an effective SEO campaign is to study the competitors thoroughly, know the tactics which they swear by. Take a deep look at their On-Site SEO and pay attention to how their overall SEO activity works.

Also look for what they are not doing, some sites will show how your company’s website stack up against others. Imagine if your competitors have more than 100 quality content and more than 10000 backlinks, try to understand how much time it would need to reach that benchmark? Ranking keywords, increasing referral traffic, reducing bounce rate and creating high quality content is part of the SEO.

Content Is King

Content is King, and no matter how much you deny it, it can make or break your online existence. Many publishing websites gets thousands of content every day but they publish only high quality content. The better the quality, the better are the chances of getting tanked on popular search engines. It is highly important that you be consistent with content quality, and make sure it is relevant to your site or business. Use additional media such as video, podcast and info graphics to make your content attractive to your target audience.

The idea is to churn out quality content on a regular basis, the engines have to keep moving- if they become stagnant, your competitors will get an edge over you.

Monitor BackLinks

Link Mining is an important backlink strategy whereby you find the links of website owners who have linked to your competitors and get in touch with them and put up a review or a guest post of your own. You should maintain a constant log of your company’s backlinks. You can protect yourself from any impending negative SEO attacks and ensure that all the links that lead to your website are relevant sources.

Keyword Selection is the Key

You keyword research and selection is the key to your SEO success. If you have certain keywords that aren’t doing much to your business revenue or traffic, chances are that your current selection is totally wrong.

The biggest mistake company’s make is selecting a top ranking keyword and use it without gaining any ground on such keywords. You need to focus on search queries that yield the highest traffic for businesses in your category and industry.

SEO is an organic domain that changes and evolves by the day. Stay current and have the courage to try new trends as they emerge. Create an SEO strategy that is consistent commitment to your content, competitor research, on-site metrics and current news.