3 SEO Trends to Lookout for in 2017

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

New businesses are coming up daily and the competition is fierce, so what can be done, we can follow the same old method of creating revenue, take a small hit due to the increasing competition, or you can use any tool and technique which you can learn and implement which others do not know of and stay ahead of competition.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique which has come up recently but is the lifeline of online business and requires little time to learn, but requires time to master the art as things are in constant fluctuation, changing, shifting, and increasing in complexity.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai


Things need to be learnt fast and changes should be monitored so that any changes which show up helps us gain an edge over the competition and alter the campaign to match the new realities of the online world.

An Increase in Quality content and “density”

As an SEO Services Company in Mumbai, while visiting business sites you must have noticed that all the blogs on these websites carry the same content in almost ten to twenty websites with slightly different wording, well so has Bing, Google and Yahoo.

There was a solution to this problem, create long-forms, uber-guides of information on a given topic, which could inform the users of all their required information, which caused users to visit the website.

People are either subjected to remarks which are common to all sites across websites for the past several years, or they have to endure long form guides and articles that are so long that they have become too heavy to the user.

As an SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, the solution of this problem was to increase the content density. By increasing the content density, of the article that explains all the nuances of the same topic, which may be wordy, but explain a single point in hundreds of words, it was better to provide denser content that is focused more on function than form, which is how you can deliver the same value in only 300 words.

It is seen that the content density, which has increased in the article, will be good for the readers who have weaned interest in reading articles and more so for writers who will have to spend less time writing articles and more time proofreading them.

More Brand will leverage Personal Branding

Personal branding is another important aspect of earning millions in revenue, check out most youtubers’ who have become stars because of their personal branding campaigns which they have used. They don’t even sell products, yet they out-earn some of the brightest young business people.

As an SEO Services Company in Vashi, personal branding is not just constricted to such people, but is meant for more professional brands to ensure the success of your SEO campaigns and growth of your business. Having a well established personal brand massively simplifies the process of securing guest posts, boosts user trust and engagement and drives more traffic to your site.

Even though only a small number of companies take up this endeavor, we expect that the number of companies taking up this technique to improve over the course of the next few years.

User Experience will be an integral to SEO

As an SEO Services Company in India, user Experience is the process of simplifying the website’s look and feel which needs to be improved, so as to improve the sales and revenue of the website. The expectations of the average users have increased exponentially, people are no longer happy with the fast loading speed and improved looks, it is also important that there should be instantaneous loading and improved navigation than the back of your own hand.

User Experience Optimization or UEO has become almost synonymous with SEO. Google has started to show clear favoritism towards sites with fast load times, mobile optimization and indications that users are enjoying their overall experience.

If you use a website want to rank high in search results in 2017 you will need to invest heavily in user experience. This may require only a few simple tweaks that improve your site’s speed and navigation, or a complete overhaul that implements responsive design and brand new hosting.