3 Reason SEO is Valuable to Your Company

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Need to explain the importance of SEO to your clients, business partners or stakeholders?

This post prescribes how SEO is valuable in 3 different areas when it comes to any organization.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

  1. SEO Improves User Experience

Being a successful SEO professional means knowing more than anyone else.

People who work in the industry are constantly changing their knowledge set as Google rolls out new changes in its algorithm on a daily basis.

We don’t always understand all the changes Google makes in the algorithm. But we use all the information which is given to us by Google to better position the website to perform in organic search.

We understand that Google has many ranking signals. They have made noticeable changes in the signals in the past few years related to engagement.

Metrics such as page time, dwell time, time on site and page load speed are all be emphasized as having greater importance when it comes to Google ranking websites.

SEO is more than just looking for high volume keywords and link building. SEO professionals must delve deeper and have an internal conversation about how to improve user experience which matter to Google and what they want us to adopt.

What are some of these new technologies?

  • Push towards mobile responsive design, with the impending mobile-first index.
  • The creation and introduction of Mobile Accelerated Pages.
  • The introduction of Progressive Web Apps
  • The creation of Schema and rich snippet enhancements

Google is constantly evolving to align them better with user behavior. As Google adapts to these changes it forces us the people who work in this industry to also change and adapt.

This is where SEO offers immense value to any organization. SEO professionals are always aware of the latest technologies and trends.

SEOs offer insights and ideas on how to take advantage and implement these new technologies to rank better in search results. Having an SEO means you will always have a person who is thinking on how to improve user experience of the visitors to meet their expectations.

  1. SEO Helps Build a Stronger Brand

In addition to helping with the technical side, SEO is also a marketing channel. Most of the efforts are related to building domain authority of the site.

Having success in the organic search channel requires a strong understanding of how Google’s algorithm work to understand the content on a website.

SEOs must also understand their target audience and build content for the website which will distinguish them from others in the market. This is a tall order as there are many websites which develop content and only a handful which will get traffic for any query.

Anyone who knows how to pull in visitors from the worlds highest visited website is an asset to any company. SEO professionals understand which content is being searched for – with the right tools – knows exactly where to focus their effort based on keyword research.

Creating content which is based on the keywords chosen out helps company’s specific vertical allows business to appear as an industry expert. When a business appears enough time in a search result it will look as a trustworthy source of information and that enhances the brand image creating loyal customers.

Searchers are looking for answers of their queries, and many of these searchers are ones who will be introduced to the business as new vertical or new users. Getting the opportunity to be the first one to answer their question, getting the first opportunity to answer a potential customer’s questions is incredibly valuable.

  1. SEO Offers Long-Term Success

SEOs understand the difficulty and joy of ranking 1st in the Googles ranking for a query.

Ranking high for a given search term which has high search volume means that there will be regular traffic on the site as long as they hold the position.

Actually ranking for a keyword is tough job, and requires a lot of hard work.

This is why it is important to focus on long-tail keywords. You can find opportunities others have missed to deliver a steady stream of traffic to your clients for a longer period of time while dealing with less competition.

The way you can target long-tail keywords is to create engaging content which will tweak interest among users.

Organic search results are tricky in the way that they are a list of search results which are based on an algorithm’s interpretation of the most relevant results.

You can’t pay to have your page rank high on the result, so you don’t need to worry about money being a deciding factor. Also, people tend to trust organic results more than paid ad results.