Why SEO is ‘What you Pay is What you Get’

The term which says, ‘what you pay is what you get’ is especially true in the current market. When it comes to products where quality and service plays an important role, this is especially true, but there are some exceptions to it, some cheap products work like magic while many overcharged products work like trash.

For Search Engine Opitmization (SEO) this is also especially true, as it is a service and not a product, there is room for fluctuation and variance in the pricing being charged for this service. But in most cases this adage holds true where you get what you pay for when you purchase help for SEO.

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Why is this case? Why do most top performers and Agencies consistently outperform smaller players in this field? Here are a few reasons why:

Experience and Strategy

When it comes to experience the larger players have it all. They can come up with an unique strategy for you as they have spent years honing their skills when it comes to SEO and are continuously refining their skills. An amateur can bluff his way through the basics but will not be of any help when the major issues show up in the campaign and will not be able to bring a custom-fitted strategy as one with years of experience.

If you do hire someone from a cheaper SEO firm you will spend countless hours going back to the drawing board, ultimately compromising your results and making your bill for an amateur SEO firm costlier than an experienced SEO firm.

Staffing and Customer care

Though this is the case in most agencies, costlier firms tend to hire a more varied staff in maintaining the campaign for you. You will get an experienced account specialist to manage your account and you will have a specialists working on your account, rather than one or two generalists. This can help you get better results- and better service if and when something goes wrong.

Quality Content

From the time of inception of ideas for content to the creation of quality final content piece for your SEO campaign, the higher the quality, the better it will be for your campaign. You will need to spend time to find a quality topic to write content about, optimize your heading for click-through rates and spend time writing content which is of high quality content which is well-thought-out and original. Then you will need to optimize it for search engines, find multimedia content to go along with it and spread the content.

All of this requires a lot of time to work on- anybody can create a decent content piece but it takes a lot of man hours to build a detailed quality content which can become a landmark piece- and all of that costs money.

Quality Links

Link building is as easy as it looks to be. Google tends to consider the quality and quantity of inbound links as a gauge as to how authoritative and trustworthy your site is. The problem is that you cannot just go ahead and post the links wherever you would like to. You need to get in touch with content posting website as your links must look natural, produce quality content to be published on those publications and work hard to increase the visibility and value of those pieces.

If someone informs you that they can build quality link for $5 per link, then it is not so easy and there are no tricks to make it cheaper, not without the prospect for a penalty.


Sometimes while building links for your quality content some links start dropping off affecting the ranking of the website. The importance of this is that they need to know what to do about it? One of the most important lessons experience teaches you in SEO is how to troubleshoot problems, only a veteran—or a team of professionals working together—will be able to do so effectively.

Survival of the Fittest

All of the factors above show that cheap SEO firms are a gimmick which do not exists and worse will give you penalties. But what about inexperienced professionals charging exorbitant rates masquerading as seasoned professionals? Well in some time someone will avail their services and when they are fooled by such practices they will definitely leave a bad review of the company, which can be checked out when reported which will deter any further business coming into the company. The “bad” services tend to weed themselves out eventually.

How much should you really be paying?

The answer to this question is it depends. No two businesses will have the same business objectives or needs. A smaller organization will have a smaller budget than a larger organization and businesses in different niches will need SEO for different things. If you have in-house workers with SEO experience, that will also factor into your decision.

No matter what, you’ll need to do your research in advance. Ask for proof of results and references along with methodologies and educate yourself about what SEO truly entails. The more you know, the better decision you’ll make, regardless of the specific price involved.

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