How to Run Content Departments Likes NewsRoom to Create More than SEO – Part 2

Become a Publication

Think, act and perform like a publication. Take the time to structure your blog to mimic a news site. Make it user-friendly, easily noting sections and serving visitors with an easy helpful experience.

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Create an Editorial Calendar

Once the publication is created, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the thought of how content generation ideas will flow. An editorial calendar is one where all the content generation and ideas are organized based on business objectives and seasonal considerations. It also contains guidelines on how to maintain all marketing – whether it is digital, social and SEO for the entire marketing team.

Get to know Your Beat

Again do you feel overwhelmed with content generation ideas? Sure it may seem a daunting task, but we promise there is no shortage of ideas, stories, and angles related to your product.  Product solves a problem or indulges a certain desire. There are probably great stories in virtually every product and services provided by a company.

Take a reporter’s view of things and start talking to customers. Understand their interests and what intrigues them. Start caring about the vertical and understanding the ideas and story angles which each customer really care about.

Create Paid Search and Social Strategy

As stated in the previous few points, creating a publication on the basis of not creating content to drive the customer back to the site is a bit redundant. Such an approach is of great use for SEO but a miss on so many other opportunities.

Utilize psychographic targets for a variety of your publications target by creating personas for such customers. The process will not only help you promote your content but will also help you better understand your customers. Data will prove to you who your audience is, what they crave and what they hate. Utilize psychographics to fine-tune your editorial calendar and hone in on your audience sweet spot.

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