Importance of Blog in generating traffic for a website

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Most major companies which have an online presence have loads of pages on its website and do not require having bloggers in order to get business. But, most of the smaller website needs to consider this decision as important as it helps in multitude facets to its sales and business. Bloggers bring in more customers to the company website and help the sales as they can be easily converted from leads to sales. The importance of blogging is the content it brings to the website, and helps customer get more idea of the product or service being sold and if there are any question then the blog can act as a knowledge base for better result.

Increases Traffic to the website

The company would always desire to increase the traffic to the website; there are a lot of ways to increase the traffic, they could type the name of the website into the browser or search it through a search engine, but these are existing customer base and there will little extra revenue otherwise. You could also increase the traffic by placing ads to the entire website on the internet, but this would need to consider if the marketing campaign would be useful to the company’s sales, considering the cost of this and the returns would be less. Blogging can be a solution to all these problem, it could increase the number of users visiting your website as each blog post could be indexed into the websites online presence and hence cause an increase in the organic search result. Blogging on a regular basis also increases the social media presence of your brand and website as once your blog gets discovered then users could link and relink it in their posts. As an SEO Company in Navi Mumbai, we understand that blogging can also help in your Social Media Marketing Campaign as the blogger will bring up posts which can be substituted for content on social websites.

Importance in converting Traffic into Leads

Each blog post you write can be converted into traffic for the website, and if the content and idea behind the blog post is important in clearing any doubt about the company and convert it into a brand they can trust and bank upon in future. Another important point to be considered is if there is a call to action included, if the visitor visit the website, sees and enjoy the blog and see a free lead to receive some goodies he could be converted into an online lead and this can be converted by the sales team into a lead. It is similar to the point made earlier for the company’s brand being trusted on and similarly, the idea behind it is basically if you visit a banking website about help with some funds to be invested, if the blog answers all the questions that may exist then it would mean to the customer that the company can be trusted. After reading your blogs on a regular basis, the user can understand the position of your company correctly both internally and externally and increase their likelihood of reaching an agreement with you.

Other Benefits of Blogging

There are other benefits of blogging such as if you love to blog then you can try and run new campaigns by testing the reactions on a blog first, just to check what response you would receive from the community. And along with this marketing department can blog about PR-stuff just to check their feasibility in the market. As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, if this is an enterprise blog then you as marketers can easily check with the audience base about new happenings in the company and improve their success otherwise which would have been converted by informing a journalist.

These shed light on the uses of the blogs.


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