How to Do Social Bookmarking For SEO

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Within Social Bookmarking, the importance of it and how we can use it for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so as to increase the number of user sessions and general traffic on the website. As a SEO Training in Navi Mumbai, we understand most Social Bookmarking Sites can be used as a SEO Tool, for example, if you use twitter for your personal use, you can create a separate account for SEO, tweeting links, comments and hash tags and connect to other companies which are on it, so that they can be retweeted and increase awareness on the website. If there is a link along with this, it may become a favorite among social website bloggers and help them to connect to your website which has fresh content or to your blog so you can increase awareness as and when required.

Social Bookmarking uses the strength of the website and also its huge customer base, which in turns inquisitiveness of the users into business for the online company. The goal behind this is the Digital Marketing, if you can place your advertisement on most social website using bookmarking tools such as submitting articles and adding website links of blogs you can import the content on it and create a web tool of improving the online sales of a company. Digital Marketing is using web technologies, internet and websites in creating marketing campaign. Digital Marketing can be used in sites such as Twitter, where tweets can show website links which will lead to blogs and website which will help the customer in creating improved result in online sales and greater awareness. There are many sites on the web, we will get into some of it:

  • Reddit: the job of this website is to take the keyword tagged by users and converting it into online forums. You can use these keywords using sub-reddit and get up votes as and when required. There may be a lot of information on the websites and the links may seem out of place but if you submit a entry with appropriate links then you can get the job done.
  • Pinterest: On this website all you need to do is add another board(topic), slip in a link and add some information and link it to your account. Whenever a user comes to this online board, he will get all the content from your website or blog which have been placed here and get the information they require which is the job of these sites.
  • StumbleUpon: This tool has been present for more than a decade now, as a bookmarking website, the users will be drawn to this by clicking on the button and if the image and content on your website or blog is eye catching it will surely lead to improved online sales. To add to this website, you just need an account and post on your page and the rest will take place on its own.
  • Delicious: This tool and website are used to increase the productivity of each link and content. It uses the submit link to improve what we consider content and images to various users through sharing and make it easier to integrate this links across social media.

We need to understand that the URL are Content Rich and required to be displayed on various search engines, link submission and blog posts which will lead to happier readers, whom will lead to more website visits and sales from the online medium. Content needs to be more varied from regular, such as improved language abilities and important tips and advice on how to tackle various issues which may be present on the net. They should also be able to shed light on various topics on which it is written about and increase sales on the internet.

Now, as a SEO Company in Navi Mumbai, we understand that we have talked about the uses of SEO, we can also talk about the result which is to be achieved using these methods. Google and other search engine have Analytics which sheds light on the various keywords included in the blog or webpage and how it has resulted in greater details. It shows which the keywords were and how much traffic was created and how it led to more sessions on the website and improved traffic on the website. These tools improve the search engine result when added to the blog or website and help in greater sales on the web.

In this process, there are also certain rules and regulations which need to be followed:

  • Content needs to be fresh and not copied
  • Content should not be overly advertising on the company sales
  • Content should be clean and have improved English skills
  • Content should not be against the rules and regulations of the website

Another important part of the website submission, is to select the right category of which section of the website the blog or content is catering towards.




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