Automating SEO: An Introduction to Python – Part 2

Similarly, you could use Python to check on your data such as headings and structured data. Valentinova gave an example where multiple content experts are making changes to data on a single product page at the same time. At this important time, it is seen that the SEO may not get a notification about these changes. If the changes are not notified then it could affect key SEO of the pages such as ranking, and therefore a script can be used to provide a timely alert.

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The Python script parses through HTML files comparing current and expected values of content, sending an email alert that highlights any discrepancies. This functionality could be taken to another level, and manager and stakeholder can be intimated with regular update.

Worried this might be too technical?

Valentinova has said that you do not need to code daily for getting this updates, you can download and run some scripts and sit down and enjoy the benefits of proactive management.

Here is a detailed method of downloading and running the scripts that check for metadata changes. It breaks down simply as follows:

  • Download and Install Python
  • Download Valentinova’s example metadata script.
  • Create an .xlsx input for inputting values which relate to url of the web pages and the page title and meta description you expect to see.
  • Enter the information related to your email login and password and the input file name to the config file.
  • Make sure your Gmail account will allow the script to access it.
  • Use command line to download the necessary Python libraries
  • Run the script.

After you have gotten to install this example, Valentinova recommends a number of other resources, including the creative commons manuals, a Python module that can be used to fetch URLs.

Spend time finding the solution not the problem

As Valentinova pointed out there are many things you could do with Python and it doesn’t have to be a daunting experiment. Ultimately, once you’ve mastered a few alerts, you can reduce the manual checks you have to do, and spend more time finding the solution rather than the problem.

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