How Graphic Designers Can Use Instagram for Showcasing Their Designs

Instagram is an amazing place that has brought the common people and the businesses closer than ever because of the visually appealing posts that are being posted on a regular basis. It is amazing as to how Instagram has been successful in providing work to numerous graphic designers and artists from every nook and corner of the globe. Graphic designers have also realized that even if they own blogs or websites, it is not an easy task to get viewers easily. They need to showcase their designs in a place where they will get numerous views even without requesting people to visit their profiles. This is why many blooming and established graphic designers are making use of Instagram nowadays to showcase their work to the entire world. On Instagram, not only will you get thousands of audiences, but also, you might be selected by one of the reputed companies for catering to the business needs that it has.

If you do not have a proper idea as to how you can showcase your skills on your Instagram account, it is important that you consider all the tips that are listed below. These tips will make it easier for you to know the manner in which you can post the designs.

Creating a Cohesive Grid for Instagram

When you create a cohesive grid on Instagram, it is the easiest way of showing the followers or your clients that you are an aesthetic designer. If the graphics that you have created throughout are not only vibrant but also busy, keep in mind that your Instagram feed should have the capability of reflecting that. If you are wondering as to how you can keep the grid cohesive, keep in mind to use the same editing filter every time you decide to edit the designs that you are going to upload. Also, it is best to use the Instagram filters as they are amazing.

Keeping Your Instagram Interesting

It is obvious that you have to keep your Instagram account extremely interesting because, at the end of the day, numerous clients are going to judge you on basis of your Instagram profile. However, putting this into action is one of the toughest tasks that you have to undertake. You need to discover a particular angle or a niche that is suitable for your designs. Most graphic designers are interested to show their passion and personality side by side with the skills that they have.

You will see people becoming your fans or followers when you are posting designs that will resonate with their personalities. It is always a good idea to narrate a story regarding the pieces that you are currently working on. This can be done through the images and videos as well as Instagram stories. Many clients are interested in viewing the entire process until you are showing them the final results.

However, there is something crucial that you have to consider. You cannot become extremely promotional especially by adding your personal posts. Your target clients will despise the profiles or posts that are created for boosting the SEO or sales, and the experienced people can spot this out easily. You have to ensure that all that you post is organic and is capable of reflecting the passion of your work.

Putting Hashtags to Work

You will always have a popular group of hashtags that surrounds the designs that you post. You have to do your part by conducting a research within the Instagram app for finding out those hashtags that get a lot of engagement and traction. Once you have the list of hashtags ready, you should not forget to incorporate them whenever you are uploading a new design on Instagram. This will make the content easy to locate and will help your photos to gain a huge number of likes as well as comments.

If you do not like adding the hashtags with the caption of your post, you can add a comment on your post that contains at least six to ten hashtags. This will help your feed to look professional and clean. Another great idea is to track those hashtags, which are relevant to the Instagram page. When you connect with other users who post a similar kind of content, it will help in growing your following to a great extent. Gramblast will help you to know more about Instagram and graphic designing.

Publishing Often

Target clients do not expect the graphic designers to vanish for a month or two after posting one design. It is true that you might be busy creating a unique and interesting design, but you should always keep your followers updated about what you are up to. You can add videos related to the work that you are going to present in front of your followers. If there is some personal emergency going on, you need to inform your followers that you will not be available for a good number of days. Simply vanishing is not professional and you will lose half your followers.

Also, if any target client was hoping to connect you with his business needs, he will also not consider you anymore. Nobody will like it when the graphic designer that they decide to hire vanishes without any information. Thus, no matter what you post, keep posting, and it should all be related to your work.

Showing People Who You Are

Professional graphic designers respond back to the likes and comments that are posted on their designs by the followers. This helps them to understand that you are actually going through all the comments. Furthermore, take criticisms sportingly, and ask how you can improve. When you take the feedback of others seriously, you will be loved and praised.


It is tough for the graphic designers to get noticed even when their work is amazing. Instagram has helped many graphic designers to get recognized, and many are also associated with reputed brands. Instagram is undoubtedly the best place for showcasing the graphic designing skills that you have.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. You can visit Gramblast and learn how to build more follower presence.


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