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Ever wonder how graphic design work, the thought behind the graphic design come from or how the creative process works for a graphic designer? From commercial advertisements to fashion graphic design pieces, graphic design is everywhere. And with the rise of graphic design tools like photoshop, anyone with a phone and a wifi can think about becoming a graphic design. However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to design.

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Kendell Zewald, a senior health sciences major with a graphic design minor, explains aspects of arts from the inspiration to the technology, to hard work and communication. Starting out a child who loved to draw and paint anything she could, Zewald has grown over the years to include works in editorial design, web design and fashion design. These include shirts, cards, décor, personal websites or any other creative projects she can get her hands on.

So how does one approach design?

“A graphic designer takes something and presents it in a better way,” Zewald said. She describes the process as “creative problem-solving.”

One major difference between a graphic designer and an artist, an artist tries to portray the emotions of the muse in his painting, while designers are most likely to portray a specific message to their audience. According to a leading magazine, an artist is more likely to portray an emotion in an aim to inspire feeling, while a designers work is to inspire and motivate an audience to do something or act ina  certain way. Using words such as “purposeful” or “intentional” to describe her works, Zewald tries to inspire and make every aspect of her graphic designs count.

In terms of creative programs and tools, a graphic designer uses everything from a pen and paper to the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite. Such computer programs include InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Zewald says she feels that hand-making her work isn’t as limiting as the tools on the digital programs.

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