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The best logos are effortless; considered the logo of Nike, Mercedes and Apple. They do not have any complications associated with them. However, there is a lot of effort and thought placed behind creating a popular logo than meets the eye. We have put together five important tips to consider before creating a logo by a company.

Graphic Design Company in Mumbai

  • Keep it Simple

Keep away from overcrowded and cluttered design. A simple and clean logo shows modernity, simplicity and clear branded message. It is easy to get carried away by different fonts, images and colors- but a simple designs are often the most memorable.

  • Be Unique

Don’t fall into the trap of following popular logo design trends. While your logo will become popular, it will not have lasting power. Your logo will become one in a crowd of many company logos. However, creating a company logo is more than just copying someone else’s. According to some experts who have created popular logos for themselves, unique logos are also creative. It can be seen that most logos are, not who they represent. It is seen that Mercedes Benz logo is not a car, and apple logo is not a computer.

  • Color Matters

Check out many websites and logos and find out how these have implications on the company profile.  For example, red is the color of energy so it can be associated with the companies who sell cars or energy drinks. Red also means the color of danger, so it is important not to associate it with an insurance company. Find out more about color theory and it will help in choosing the best logo color for your business.

  •  Have a Story

Logos which have a connection with the company’s values and missions are considered the most successful. For example, the FedEx logo, which is created with an arrow suggests the company’s focus on speed, delivery and moving forward. A design that reflects that reflects these narratives are often more effective, impressive and thoughtful.

  • You Aren’t on Your Own

There are plenty of online tools available for helping you in your logo design process. Graphic Springs provides free logo designs, a custom logo maker, professional custom logo design services at affordable prices, and friendly customer service and support. There are companies online that have a simple interface which guarantees a quick logo design in 10 minutes or less.

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