WhatsApp now lets Android beta users directly switch between voice and video calls

WhatsApp Android beta users will now be able to directly switch between voice and video calls. The Facebook-owned messaging platform has been testing this feature for over quite a few months now. By introducing this feature, WhatsApp is basically aiming to save user’s time when switching between video and voice call or the other way around. The feature is currently available for WhatsApp beta for Android and we can definitely expect the feature to debut soon for all Android users around the world. The rollout timeline is still unknown though.

WhatsApp has introduced a dedicated button to switch from video to voice call or vise versa. So, how does this feature really works? Imagine you are on a voice call via WhatsApp with your friend, and suddenly decide to make a video call instead. Currently, to switch between calls, you need to cut the voice call, go back to the chat, and then separately make a video call by clicking on the dedicated video call icon. This consumes a lot of time, and WhatsApp – though late – has now realized that.

The new feature will save a lot of time that you spend while switching between calls. WhatsApp has included a dedicated button to directly switch between calls. For instance, imagine you are on a voice call with your friend and decide to switch to video call. With the coming of the new feature, you will see an icon on the screen, on clicking which WhatsApp will directly switch the voice call to video. The button is visible only when you are on a call via WhatsApp. So, if you are on a video call, you will see a video call icon in the middle of the screen, on clicking which, WhatsApp will send a video call request to the recipient, and the call will be switched only if the recipient accepts it. The process is the same when switching from video to voice call.

In case the recipient doesn’t accept the call request, WhatsApp will continue the voice call. On clicking the convert (video to voice or vice versa) button during the call. WhatsApp will send a request to the recipient asking if he/ she wants to switch the current voice call to video call. Note: the recipient can either accept or reject the request, depending on their wish. If they accept it, they will switch the voice call to video call, and in case they reject the request, the voice call will normally continue.

The feature is currently available for Android users on WhatsApp beta latest version – which is 2.18.4 and newer. The feature was first spotted by WABetaInfo and it seems, the messaging application is currently only testing this feature, collecting feedback from the beta users to make it work better. There are no official words on when will this feature make it to the stable version of the app. However, chances are it may come to the Android users very soon. We are not sure if the iOS users will get upgraded to the feature anytime soon or not.

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