Gadgets with Folding Displays Could be a Trend for 2018

Tech is witness to some of the most outstanding and jaw dropping technology which either changes the way we do business or becomes utter-failures. However, this doesn’t stop creators in developing what could be the next grandiose idea or technology which could be either a failure or success. This is where a new trend has occurred and possibly beyond with the idea of gadgets having a folding display.

There have been many ideas in technology which have been thought were outrageous or impossible to achieve, such as a notion of folding screen. Although many would shrug their shoulders when it comes to such technology, many manufacturers are actually interested in developing such technology and helping it release. Let us look at the technology which could be the next trend of 2018 and beyond.

While some consider having a smartphone with an highly effective screen in the market will be the last trend, the future may see the next step which would be replaced with flexible/ folding display. This is incorporated in the design and many manufacturers are enamored by this concept to make a folding smartphone.

Besides smartphones, companies are trying to establish a product which would be a tablet with a flexible folding display; Microsoft Corporation is currently in development of a non-standard tablet computer in which the project has been given the name ‘Andromeda’. Reports suggest that Andromeda will be the size of a smartphone and will contain a cellular connection, however it will not be a smartphone. This unit can be folded and fitted int the pocket of an individual’s jacket.

Having one or two midly interesting examples of folding screen display gadgets would attract some manufacturers or buyers, having four or more possible contenders making this concept a reality will get potential customers to listen more closely. Tech blogs may have printed a few articles when it piqued their interest in 2011 when they displayed a picture of a sleek and portable notebook computer called Feno. The device compressed into a foldable design that had pop-out mouse, flexible OLED display and a full-sized keypad, unfortunately, it doesn’t say if it ever made it to the production phase.

While Fino may not have a realistic completion date as it is highly unachievable, Gizmodo has posted pictures and news about a folding display tablet that could be a reality. Andrew Liszewski wrote about his dream tablet which was on display at the Lenovo Tech World conference held over the summer in San Francisco. The prototype that the company showed off was called Folio and it left onlookers with a favorable lasting impression.

The Folio has an elastic display which could be re-folded that permitted it to transform from a mobile device into a larger tablet. The goal was to take the best features of a smartphone and a tablet to then put them into a gadget with the ability to easily transport it around in your pocket. Once the prototype can be manufactured for potential customers, other companies will be forced to produce their own version, or they run the risk of losing current and would-be customers.

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