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Facebook’s latest attempt at a standalone app that isn’t a total copy of another app is available on Android now.

Bonfire, Facebook’s new video chat app is available on the Play store. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to download it due to Geo-restrictions. During its iOS app launch it was seen that the app was restricted to Denamark. And in the android version we are seeing more of the same.

Android Company in Mumbai

Luckily there is side loading, and the site APK is available on

Bonfire is not at all a unique swipe at the Houseparty app which is the latest fad among the millenials which is another video chat app from the makers of now defunct Meerkat. Bonfire is strategically planned at weeding out all the current video chat apps such as Houseparty but also includes an array of apps such as Airtime, ooVoo, Marco Polo and others.

Unlike the others, Bonfire is tightly rolled in the Facebook ecosystem. Making those who are deeply dependent on messengers and Instagram services, Houseparty seems a logical extension. Snapping screenshots during a chat, for example, and posting them to Instagram is native feature only available on those on Bonfire. Well, unless you want to leave the app in the end that is.

Unlike its existing split-screen group video calling feature on Messenger, Bonfire adds stickers and a number of features unique to the platform like resizing windows, jumping into a chat with friends on Messenger and the ability to chill with your friends while being live i.e. “live chill”.