Why Is Instagram Marketing Right for the Businesses?

The social media demographic has started shifting to the new platforms as the old ones are starting to lose prominence over time. Businesses are having an extremely difficult time to get an organic exposure on Twitter and Facebook. They have started wondering if they should make use of the digital marketing nets for reaching more people. In the year 2015, Instagram managed to surpass the number of Twitter users and has almost three times more users currently. It is difficult to ignore these numbers and this is why people have started to consider Instagram as the greatest place for marketing their businesses.

You might be thinking if it is right to market your business on Instagram. Consider the reasons that are listed below to understand why Instagram marketing is amazing.

The Internet is mobile, and Instagram is nothing less

The importance of the mobile phones has reached new heights and it is considered to be on top of every list for the forecast of the various marketing trends. Mobile phones are not a trend anymore; in fact, they are the primary ways in which internet users access the vast online content. This has given Instagram marketing a tremendous advantage over the other social media competitors like Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. If you are looking forward to making investments in social media strategies, which will have a huge impact for a long time, ensure that Instagram is also a part of that strategy.

Your posts will be viewed easily

You cannot guarantee that your posts will be viewed on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Facebook has allowed the users to have a control over contents that show up in the news feed. On the other hand, if you post an interesting content on Instagram, you can be assured that your followers will definitely view it. In fact, your loyal customers will pass on the post to other people who might be interested in your brand.

Instagram allows engagement

Sharing the content is not enough. It has to make a huge impact on your audience. The number of likes and shares that you get will help you to understand the engagement that the audience has with the content that you have posted. The better attention you received from your followers, the better opportunities you will get for contacting them. This, in turn, will help in getting brand awareness. Furthermore, it is simple to gain real Instagram followers, who will help other customers to trust your brand.

Visual storytelling

When you are uploading photos on Instagram, you are actually telling stories to your customers through these pictures. You can attract your customers through these pictures. If the posts are appealing enough, they will definitely visit the website of your brand and make a purchase. However, if they are not satisfied with the kinds of posts that are there on your profile, you might not only lose your followers but you also end up losing your customers. Therefore, you have to be extremely professional when you are adopting the process of visual storytelling on Instagram.


Instagram has opened up new scopes for the flourishing businesses. Many businesses are engaging with their followers constantly to create brand awareness and gain more traffic. If you are still confused as to why Instagram marketing is the best, consider the reasons that are mentioned above and decide for yourself.

Author Bio: Daniel Mattei is a reputed businessman who has taken his business to the next level by marketing through Instagram. He suggests people get real Instagram followers to gain more credibility and trust.


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