Why Google Ads

Google Ads is extremely popular with a lot of business owners and marketers. But, most people don’t have an exact idea about Google Ads and what it does. Its successful pay-per-click system was an extreme hit. Now, if you are looking or thinking to start capitalising through your website, it is advantageous to know Google Ads’ benefits. 

Target Potential Customers

As we know, Google is the most popular and most used search engine in this world. There’s something for every business which is related to Google. Now, Google uses powerful techniques that include

  • Capturing users information with post-click landing page address. Based on this, informative content about the user’s likes and dislikes is sent to the admin. 
  • In case a user doesn’t hand out the required attention to the product, Google Ads uses retargeting software to draw them back. 

See Fast Results

As we know, Search Engine OptimizationOptimization is still the backbone of many sites. The posts on their pages are ranked depending on the number of backlinks. These backlinks are collected over time, and as it increases, the chance of your website ranking better is higher. 

But Google Ads gives you a mind-blowing opportunity to get a jump start and experience exponential growth in terms of ranking. This is because Google Ads doesn’t ask for a considerable amount of backlinks and massive importance on keyword density. 

Cost-Effective & High Returns

Many marketers and business owners have experienced one common fact. That is, using Google Ads has increased the business’s ROI. One of Google Ads motives and goals is to increase its client’s ROI while not burning a hole through their pocket. 

Our Process

At Cyber Rafting, we provide a detailed procedure for initiating campaigns, creating Ads and websites, and finally, taking it to live. Here is a detailed breakdown of the steps taken and the process.

Keyword Research for a Solid Foundation

Keyword research is one of the essential practices, wherein we use it to find and research trending search terms and plan the whole procedure based on that. Our team does detailed keyword research to lay a solid and robust foundation for our client’s campaign and websites. 

Competitor Campaign Analysis

It is essential to analyse who your competitors are. This gives us an approximate idea of what to do next and how to be one step ahead. Therefore, we indulge in competitors’ campaign analysis to take a detailed look at their campaigns and other aspects. 

Campaign Creation and Ad Copy Creation

Campaign creation and Ad copy creation is a type of content that acts as a promotion created and designed to reach specific goals within a given time limit. The essential part of creating campaigns is to define a particular purpose. This helps in increasing ROI and revenues. Our team excel at creating campaigns and ad copies. After doing thorough research, we start designing the campaigns. 

Landing Page Design and Development

As we know, owning a website comes at the top of the priority list for any business or organisation. This is because opening a website increases the revenue generated. This is because the awareness of your brand increases dramatically when it’s online. Therefore, at Cyberrafting, we also offer to design and build beautiful and mind-boggling landing pages and website development. 

Detailed Reporting and Monthly Meeting

Even after every designing aspect and uploading aspects are done, it is essential to maintain it regularly and provide constant updation. This is the reason our team presses ln detailed reporting and regular monthly meetings. Regular meetings open up different possibilities for the evolution of the product. This is very important as it has a direct impact on the revenue generated. 

OptimizeOptimize, Grow, Repeat

As mentioned in the heading, our primary motto is OptimizeOptimize, Grow, and Repeat. We assist our clients in maintaining and optimising the websites, even after their release. Our highly skilled team will constantly be on the lookout for better methods to increase our client’s ROI and revenue. 

Our Range of Google Ad Services

Search Advertising

Search advertising is a compelling model of advertising. Also known as Google Advertising, search advertising places online ads in the Google search engine results. This means that these ads will be placed on the search results of many viewers and users. Businesses who place ads pay a small fee whenever someone clicks on the ad. We take care of search advertising for our clients. This includes placing ads carefully, based upon the user traffic and the budget. 

Display Advertising

Display advertising is another advertising method that attracts viewers of a website, social media platforms, or any other digital mode and takes a specific action. Display advertising generally comes through text-based advertising or image advertising. Our team indulges in display advertising too. We tailor different advertisements that include both text-based and image advertising. 

Video Ads

Video advertising is the method of displaying ads inside online video content. This is usually before an actual video stream. An example includes YouTube Ads, where viewers get ads before watching a video. Video ads are one of our team’s most vital areas, as we aim to create and spread quality video ads, which helps increase the brand awareness of our clients.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads is one of the major attractions for businesses, as it affects its revenue majorly in a positive way.

Google shopping ads are specifically designed to show what the user wants or is searching for. This makes the user click on the ad and, hence, lead to more revenue. 

We, at Cyberrafting, also specialise in Google Shopping Ads. 


Remarketing is the process of displaying ads to the people who have already visited your website, page, or your application. You can show relevant ads to the user, which makes them interested, and hence, click on the ad. 

Choose Us for Your Google Ads Management


Our highly experienced team shall provide you with the best expert opinions for your business. With a cumulative experience of several years, our expertise is considered to be precise and top-notch. 

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Staying ahead of your competitors is one of the most critical requirements in increasing your company’s revenue generation. Therefore, you need not worry about that while you’re with us. We analyse the competitor’s moves and strategies thoroughly and plan accordingly to be steps ahead of them. 


Stability includes maintaining and assisting the clients even after their website or other product is launched. You can expect us to be stable, as our team keeps checking upon our client’s requirements regularly and even holds monthly meetings to announce the recent updates to our clients. 

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