13 Link Building Techniques Every SEO Must Follow

Link building or backlinks are considered vital for SEO. On the other hand link-building can also harm your seo and ranking of your website might fall. Here are some link building techniques worth paying attention.

1. Always make sure that you’ve anchor variation while building links.

2. LSI should be used, generic, as well as brand names.

3. Don’t build links with same anchor text, you’d never rank.

4. Tire-2 enhances your Tire-1 backlink power.

5. Avoid Chinese & Russian Backlinks. They hurts.

6. Don’t build 100 links on 1 site, instead, make sure to have more referring links (of different IP).

7. The max count of backlinks on 1 root (/) site is 15 backlinks, and 1 page (/page) max is 3 backlinks.

8. Link building requires powerful On-page optimization.

9. Use of citation builds more trust of your site.

10. Don’t link from all of your PBN/Web 2.0 on single day.

11.Instead try monitoring the effect of adding 1 link, and if it shoots you to 1st page, wait for the other to link for a while.

12.Maintain the frequency the number of links built per day.]

13. Keep experimenting with link building.