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15 SEO Mistakes Companies Must Avoid

Any company realizes that its salt is digitizing their company. With the need for digitizing comes to the need for responsive websites, the need for functioning and the need for social media platforms. Everybody knows how ranking well on search engine is, and want to know how to get their ranking higher. They want to know what to do with their SEO and SEM and want to know how to

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14 Points to Consider Before Hiring a Web Design Agency

With the age of digitalization, websites have gained popularity with users and companies. Due to the help it provides in promoting businesses, every business wants to create an online identity. With the help of Web 2.0 and Internet Marketing techniques replacing traditional marketing technique, many web design companies have come up to cater to the whims of businesses. Thus it is important to consider certain things in mind before hiring

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We List some of the Benefits of On-Page SEO

Being an internet user, you probably know that a website has multiple web pages which can be accessed from the website. However, those webpages can be used to be accessed through the outside of the browser by using it to access On-Page SEO. On=Page SEO basically refers to the action which allows different webpages to be accessible to users outside the website through search engines if they search for a

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4 Need to Know Things Before Building a Web Design Team

As your business grows, there will be a need to grow a competent and efficient team of professionals for your company. You may be adept at doing multiple job profiles on your own like web development, customer service and financial management. But as a solo entrepreneur you can only do so much. Therefore it is important to hire some extra professionals as they can help you manage the increasing volume

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How Content Creation and Optimization of SEO Result Work

It is common folklore now that the best way to come up with a good SEO strategy which will target the audience is through content creation. However, even the best content will not work wonders if it is not able to be found in the first place. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in place. With the help of your content we can optimize, and make sure that the

Planning a Website: Why Strategy Beats Design

What to do first Before Beginning to Design your Business Website We have all see it before, you get excited and hire a web designer to build your ideal website, you give them a walkthrough of what you’re looking for and excitedly wait for the big reveal. Then disaster strikes and you say “You’ve got it all wrong.” Design dollars are wasted, revision starts. Everyone scratches their head and wonders

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What to Base SEO Content Decisions On

Content is generally the first thing that comes in mind when thinking about SEO. There is a process in an order on how to create and optimize strong content. The process involves four subparts which are data analysis, content creation, programmatic optimization and manual optimization. These are performed by three teams in the work force, SEO, IT and marketing. This article will talk about the first in this stage that

When Should Web Development Teams of Companies Invest in Speed?

As much as I would love to say that investing in speed should start from the first day, speed is not the highest ROI thing which should be worrying about when you are still looking for a product-market fit. The answer to this question depends on what kind of product you are looking to build and what is your user base. Some reasons you should consider investing in speed right

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Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process

You have already likely invested in some form of Search Engine Optimiation to improve the way people find you through an internet search result. Unfortunately, few companies continue to invest in such an important facet. Given that Google changes it algorithm 500 to 600 times a year it is fair to say that SEO is not an one off effort. You must invest per month in this effort to keep

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Why is HTML5 Important for Ad Creative

HTML 5 is the fifth iteration of the HTML markup language. This version of HTML has made it easier for people to create small canvasses that can be used for ad formats. HTML5 has made video more accessible through the web, as they can be hosted in a HTML canvas, rather than the flash plugins which required an plugin to be loaded for the video to be shown online. Performance