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Web Design Meets Artificial Intelligence

Since the launch of the internet in the late 1980’s, it has gone through several evolutions. In the beginning there was no need for large graphics and images which were tailored to customers using typography and font, or any kind of current visual content. However, with time the process furthered on, such websites are today’s need for any business which wants to sustain in the online space. With this advancement,

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How Does Links Affect the Ranking of my Website?

If you are beginning a SEO campaign, you will be probably eager to see results. You might be trying to see growth in the startup, or hoping to make up for time wasted when it comes to digital campaign. You know that links are important to build domain authority and page authority, which in turn makes your website rank for relevant searches, and you know that SEO takes time to

OWL: PHP Framework Developed by the Netflix Developer

PHP has been a staple for web development in server-side languages for years. Now a developer from “Netflix” seems to have created a variation for this using the good part of the development language while being easier to use and more secure. Called OWL, the OWL programming language has a Javascript like syntax and compiles to PHP. In a beta stage of production, OWL is best suited for single-server application

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Reasons to Believe that SEO belongs in the beginning of a project

Too many marketers believe that SEO belongs in the end of a content marketing project. They create a content or finish a marketing campaign, and at the end comes the SEO part of the project, which include putting keywords and promoting the content. Unfortunately, this is a completely outdated concept and is ineffective. Robust modern day SEO tries to understand who the target audience is online, where these buyers are

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Certain rules to follow to Build The Perfect Web Design Portfolio

A portfolio is an important item when considering for the next job. Employers need to understand the abilities you possess and make a quick decision if you can execute their needs. By creating a good professional portfolio, you should be able to promote your business and create a beneficial promotional tool. If you don’t have a portfolio yet there is no better time to start creating it until now. It

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What is SEO’s Most Important Aspect?

What is the most important factor in SEO? This question continues to raise eyebrows and as the debate continues we try to shed some light on it. The answer is that the SEO matter on company, industry and location. Let elaborate some more in this article. Local Brick-and-Mortar The most important part to focus on as a brick and mortar stores and location is local SEO. This includes practices such

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What is a progressive Web App?

Build once and deploy on every platform and everywhere, we have it before haven’t before? Discussion now moves to a new web application. This application is defined as progressive web app. So what is PWA? The background of this application, is that the application will function for every platform, for every user on every browser. “By taking the best functionality of native apps (those designed for a specific operating system

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SEO and Social Media Strategy: How To

Everyone knows that a good social media strategy is important to the business, not does it only create brand awareness, creates a favorable image, carries the voice and increases the revenue. There are a few methods to increase the effect of the strategy which include SEO, or search engine optimization which is easy to think but is hardly considered. It is important to know that social media and SEO are

Improve Returns with 6 High Priority Web Design Elements

An online e-commerce website is a liability to a company if it does not create enough sales and revenue. It can also bring down the brand value of the company as information can spread fast in the online world, and staying competitive is the only solution. The highly popular web sites offer their most desirable products and services using a well-designed website. Highly effective design elements are key in such

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Build a Wiki for Your Small Business

Ditch the company handbook and try giving your company a wiki to host information on. Wiki is a platform where you can host a number of information which constitutes for collaborative editing by a group of users, just as is true of Wikipedia. A wiki ask for collaborative thinking, reducing the time required to train new employees on company policies, new employee guides and document templates which you may require.