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Boost Conversion Rate By Incorporating Such Tweaks

In today’s electronic world the appearance of companies website is one key factor that will determine the success or failure when trying to attract customers. It is therefore very important for companies to invest heavily on such websites to achieve positive results. Even though there are many companies who maintain a website, it is seen that few of them use it effectively to reach their full potential of more sales

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How To Optimize for Keywords and Quality-Focused SEO Practices

Search Engines have shifted focus and have grown more sophisticated and looking for quality content. This has changed the way keywords play in SEO. Keyword optimization now plays an important role in SERP’s, but is no longer the end all of search engine optimization. Keywords Now Play a Supporting Role As has been told before now with the increasing complex algorithm, keywords are playing a less important role. The websites

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Accelerated Mobile Pages and its Use in SEO and Ecommerce

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages are used to load websites faster on mobile phones; this makes faster sites which have typically lower bounce rates, higher time-on-sites and improved conversion rates. AMP also benefits natural search performance. AMP uses technology to load pages four times faster than non-accelerated pages and at a tenth of the mobile data use. AMP is an open technical standard which use technology to dramatically improve the performance