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Mobile Friendly Website And SEO : Connect the Two

Smartphones have become a standard device which everyone carries on a daily basis. It is calculated that there are 2.6 billion users of smartphones, with so many connected devices, the focus has shifted away from desktop users and over to mobile. There has been a huge push for mobile friendly website and marketing, and that is how we can connect the two, but adds to that local SEO it can

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What an Entrepeneur thinks You Should Know About SEO

Online marketing is something that each entrepreneur with a website finds challenging. Most entrepreneurs spend their blood, sweat and tears into creating the right digital marketing efforts, such as content and social media presence. But the result is never up to mark you expected. Jacob Hagberg is the CEO of Orange Fox, and knows the challenges online marketing provide for entrepreneur and talks about SEO, and digital marketing in this

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How SEO can Stop Losses From Ad Blocking

Managing marketing aspects of a business has always been a major battle for business owners and managers. Since the dawn of time, the main roadmap of marketing companies has remained to create a product and to package and sell the product to as many customers as possible. Since in most cases, there are always competitors present, this means in engaging in battles with competitors in bringing their competition to win