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Moving Away From MVC

In the years worked in this field, working and learning new techniques, libraries and frameworks and paradigms has been a pleasure in web development. Even before frameworks, code was written for back end application which would render heavy HTML Code along with CSS and some JS code. Frameworks such as ones written in .NET MVC, django and rails helped us with predone tasks and abstraction while providing speed and reliability.

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Harness SEO to Help Grow Your Business

Search Engine Optimization uses links, content and target keyword to target customers in their buying process. SEO is used so that when customer enter a keyword they will be able to find you through search engines. With SEO you can rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing; and help businesses convert traffic into sales and push the ROI of the company higher. People make 100 billion searches

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Domain Structure of a Multi-Location Local SEO Strategy

Enterprise Business with a major Brick-and-Mortar Presence, have a different set of challenges with digital marketing: connecting with consumers online, with the intent to make them purchase products from them by visiting their local stores. By creating an unique user experience, by creating separate landing pages for local physical business location, franchise system and multi-location brands can coax visitors to visit their local stores. By creating local landing pages within