Why to Perform Cross-Browser Testing and How Important Is It?

Any web developer should be able to tell you that not all Browsers were created equally. Whether it is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge; every website display websites differently. Most web browsers are built differently and have a different vision of how browsers should work, what the browser should support and how the web should evolve in general. All web browsers vendor wants to prioritize their own special

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How to Employ Social Media Influencers for Your SEO

‘Influencer Marketing’ is a term which has turned to buzzwords because of its value, efficiency and potential value overall. Influencers are a gateway to a better reputation, a bigger audience and mutually beneficial exchanges of content, and more value in the future. Influencers can be especially useful in SEO, making his influence to scale and boost your SEO strategy. How Influencers Boost SEO Here are a few ways Influencers boost

Benefits of Using SEO Planner Tools

Small Business SEO: Maximize Marketing Budget

SEO is a form of online advertising, where you signal to a search engine that your site is highly relevant to the query searched by users. For example, if you sell cat food to cats, then whenever someone searches for ‘cat food’ your website should show up in the search results. Whenever your search term is entered in the search engine your website should show up high in the search