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Improving SEO by Reclaiming Dead Links

When links leading to WebPages that are deleted, it affects the link authority which as it is wasted. You can harvest that precious link authority and redirect it to other pages on your site, those which you want to rank. Need for Link Authority Define Link Authority is the value of the link from other websites which are linking to your site. This is the most precious element in Search

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Breaking Common Myths about Web Development

If you think it is easy being a web developer, that when you want you can choose the language of choice whether it is Web, API or App. And then you can continue to build to that by learning tricks and adding skills as you go on. But, it is not that straightforward. The world of web development is prone to such irrational arguments and misconceptions about what you need

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Tips on Building a Great Web Design Portfolio

A portfolio is an important facet for any web designer. Its aim is to be a tool in which to display and attract the attention of the client. Creating a top web design portfolio is not easy, even for a web designer. Below we list some of the tips for creating a great web design: Content Is King Most web designers are not alien to the term Content first. Content