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Creativity and Design Related Professions in IT on the Rise

Creativity and design thinking is fast changing the outlook of brands and businesses in the Asia Pacific region, according to an APAC survey carried out in 2016. In India, the number of professional who agree with this is even higher than the average. The survey shows that Indian professionals have a higher desire to learn new things and work on design related challenges than their peers in the APAC region.

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Role Creativity Plays in SEO Strategy

                                                                (Photo Courtesy of When considering a niche strategy and creativity in SEO strategies is required when creating to optimize SEO efforts. Both of these require the creativity of the person doing the SEO so as to streamline results and create the required to perform marketing. From building links to creating content, it is going to need to employ your own creativity and that of you SEO team to

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6 Reasons for Failing at SEO, and Tips to Succeed

SEO is like juggling balls, the more adept you get at it, the better it becomes with time. And if it comes to forgetting juggling, once you learn SEO there is probably no chance you will forget the techniques. But, like juggling, Search Engine Optimization done without knowing how it works, will lead you to fail.                                                             (Photo Courtesy of Here are six ways to fail: Being out of