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Web Application Development Trends in 2016

Even for a common person, Web Applications is not an alien term anymore, with most of the sign up forms, pop up forms, shopping carts, webmail or content management systems, web applications are being used so frequently. This allow for user data to be stored or processed immediately as per the clients requirements. As a Web Development Company in Mumbai, these mediums of contact and information exchange is growing and

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4 Ways in to Make A Good Portfolio for Hiring

In this time of fast-changing field of Web Design, one can understand that resumes are not the first thing companies are looking at. Most companies are looking at Social Media Platform to gain information about the applicant and online portfolios are important source of knowhow, if the applicant has the adequate knowledge and skills. Here are few ways creative professionals can make a good online portfolio: Even in Portfolio, put

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Seasonal SEO: The Hows and When, and is it really Worth it

Most SEO strategies are rendered towards long term gains, how your business will work in the long run?  What makes practical sense in the long run? But if you were optimizing for the short term seasonal trends, what would this look like? That’s exactly what some firms are working towards, a seasonal trend in optimizing for the winter and Christmas period, so as to gain the rewards for these two