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5 Ways Where SEO Work With PPC To Generate Better Results

SEO has its benefits over PPC where it is free, while this may be true SEO takes time to show result and sometimes you are targeting the right keyword but the wrong audience, building links, creating content and you do not see the results. PPC, however, offers near-instant result and like most adword platforms gives advertisers data and insights. As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, we will talk about

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Cutting Navigational Menus in Website Effects SEO Performance

                                               Courtesy of Cutting Navigational Menus has become a norm today due to the trend of simplicity. This impacts SEO as navigational menus are critical to natural search performance. As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, navigational menus such as mega-navigation lean towards scrolling down on key spaces of the website taking inches of important screen space have become so prevalent that most websites are leaning away from this

Tips on 5 SEO Techniques Which may Help You Rank

Ever been told to focus on content and not on SEO. This could not be more wrong, SEO is still kicking, some rules have changed and some of the starting lineups were in the minors until a few years ago. According to data it can be seen that: 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine 75 percent of users never scroll past the first page of search