OnPage SEO Tips to Rank on First Page -2017

OnPage SEO is the first step to a SEO campaign. Cyber Rafting has been doing successful SEO campaigns for their clients over the years. Here are some tips we have learnt from our working experience. OnPage SEO Techniques to Rank your Website on First Page of Google Keyword Research: You need to do a keyword research and make sure that the appropriate keyword which will fit in your content and

Benefits of Using SEO Planner Tools

Benefits of Keyword Planner Tool for SEO

                                           (Courtesy of Freepik.com) The main difference between a personal blog and a niche website is that in blog you can use broad term keywords and in niche websites you need to use targeted keywords which will help bring the desired audience to the website. Keyword Research is a term which should be inbuilt techniques used by every blogger to get targeted customers to their website. As a SEO Company