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Web Design Practices which are Timeless

                                          (Photos Courtesy of Web design depends on innovation and imitation. Remember sliders were the way to go 5 years ago, they have been copied so many times that now they are outdated and on most websites. Here are 5 trends which are here to stay Artificial Intelligence: context is everything, the medium an interaction takes place is more important than the how and why, whether it is on

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Generating SEO Revenue through Great Content

  Text nowadays for SEO move ahead of mechanical use of keywords to more concentrated practice of creating right contextual relevance to attract more searchers. As a SEO Firm in Mumbai, it requires unique textual content on a web page focused on the topics that searchers use when they type into search bars. It should be considered that words combine together to create content is useless if it does not

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Methods of Modern Web Design Trends

Knowledge about the way people browse websites and make decisions online is fairly important. And with this knowledge, web designers are creating website design which fulfill all these expectations, websites are minimalistic, flat and material design which allow the user to browse the website and through the use of UX experts the website becomes streamlined and encouraging users to complete forms, download data and help companies convert transactions into sales.