Seo company in Mumbai

SEO Content Is King but Links Are Gold

Content for websites, e-commerce or blogs is important but will be more invaluable if it has internal links both in and out of the page as well as audience specific content. The strongest factor that Google uses in determining whether a website will be ranked on the first page is, the content along with the links on the website and also on its intelligence system RankBrain. Along with content for

Seo company in Mumbai

SEO Requirement for new Website platform

When considering a change in the enterprise platform for your company’s website consider that you should be well versed with today’s SEO Requirements. For example, System Integration is key to IT Managers, CMS Features are important to upper management and certain savvy marketers have some platform requirements of their own. As a SEO Company in India, in this article we will talk about the Platform SEO requirements. Hosted on Dedicated

Seo company in Mumbai

Client Education in Local SEO

  The Keys to success in local SEO can be reached through regular updates on blogs and content on website and applying SEO strategies in a controlled manner. How to go onboard on Client Projects without breaking the budget and over committing to the client? The key is to educate the client on the relationship between business and SEO and the steps which will be taken in optimizing the business

AWS buys out Cloud9

Amazon’s AWS buys Cloud9 to add more development tools

With Amazon’s AWS buying out Cloud9 who had developed Cloud based application, we can see stakes of Amazon’s rising to unexpected highs in the near future. As a Website Development Company in India, AWS has made an acquisition to continue building out the services that it offers around and on its cloud storage platform. Cloud9 is a San-Francisco-based startup that has built an integrated development environment for wbe and mobile

Django Python Images

Python for Web Development Applications using Django Framework

Python is a programming language which is gaining in popularity, with the help of web framework such as Django we can create web application which are a popular choice for writing scripts, testing and monitoring. Python has been used for game development and its ability to be integrated with other languages makes it very valuable in the process. As a Website Development Company in India, Python was not created for