PHP Training Detail

PHP Training in Mumbai

    As a company which prides itself by providing the best solution in creation of websites in PHP, we also provide training in this language. PHP framework includes the language, the libraries and other tools such as CMS (Content Management System) which help make it a unique and powerful tool in the hands of the developer. We consider it our responsibility to teach this language and other tools which can be used in the company which will employ the trainee.

At CyberRafting, we provide the following services to build upon previously known knowledge in php, our coursework in php includes:

  • We work with the client in various roles of development, from requirement analysis, programming model selection, development workflow, testing and hosting of the website.
  • We work in close proximity with our trainee to give them useful material for self study, easy lesson plans in classes and also hands-on experience for their future use.
  • We have various projects from companies who would like to see certain features to create a rich application, which could be created with the help of our trainee.

    PHP is a scripting language who strength depends on the easy running of codes on the net and vast database of code available online. We keep our creative minds in action whenever we create for clients; we work at the office to help train employees who will be able to create beautiful and rich website experience and cost effective budgets. We combine the latest technologies in our website training so as to make fully sure that our skill set in adept with the newest methodologies.

  CyberRafting: PHP Training Institute in Mumbai