PHP Course Detail

PHP Classes in Mumbai

    Classes in PHP( Hypertext Preprocessor) is useful for professional from any experience and educational background. It is used to build on previously known training or professional employment to perform system functions, add-delete- insert and update information stored in any database or file and to gather data information from pages and forms to use in functioning of the home page.

At CyberRafting, we provide the following services to build upon previously known knowledge in php, our coursework in php includes:

  • Basics of PHP/ History of the Language
  • Basic Commands of PHP including Echo and Print functions
  • PHP Variables and Logical / Arithmetic Operator
  • PHP Concatenation/ Strings/ Arrays
  • PHP Methods $_GET and $_POST Command
  • PHP Functions such as include, include_once, require and require_once
  • Loop Functions such as IF, While, Do-While, For Loop and Switch Loop
  • PHP File Handling and Uploading along with MySQL Connection
  • PHP Classes
  • OOPS Concept such Data Abstraction, Inheritance, Encapsulation

    We at CyberRafting provide PHP classes and solutions to all the technical issues for any company or individual. We provide tailor made training towards gainful employment for individuals who are freshers or experienced.

   With Training Classes in PHP we provide training in basic and advanced HTML and CSS, this is a useful course which can be used to find employment in any company. If there is a requirement for companies to maintain and develop their online presence then we provide training for those areas of expertise.

At CyberRafting, we provide the following services in HTML and CSS:

  • History and Basics of HTML/ CSS
  • HTML/ CSS application in Open Source Technology
  • HTML/ CSS for Web Based Technology
  • HTML DocType, Meta Tag, Link Tag, Paragraphs, HyperLinks and Images
  • CSS Syntax, Grouping, Selector, Comments and Type(including table, font and text)
  • HTML Tables, Ordered and Unordered List including Cell Padding and Cell Spacing
  • HTML Form, Input Fields including Textbox, Radio Button, Check Boxes
  • CSS Pseudo Classes and Pseudo Elements

These classes are offered at evening or weekends to meet the demand of the students who enroll in these classes. We hope that you make the right decision and chose us for all your training needs.