Android Training Detail

Android Training in Mumbai

   Developing applications which use the Android Programming Language is about the most exciting software field in the market. We work at creating an environment where there is an exchange in ideas and clearly thought out training in making the trainee learn android at a deeper level. Android Training requires using your learnt techniques in creating an android application which does not require the trainee to remember their learnt methods which were taught.

At CyberRafting, we provide the following services to build upon previously known knowledge in Android.our Training in android includes:

  • CyberRafting as an Android App Development Training Company, we teach the trainee to learn techniques and apply them to create application which will be path breaking as well as useful for the market.
  • We offer hands on training in android and use the latest technology in creating an application which is more relevant at this time.
  • We understand the need for theories, and hence keep the same importance to both theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • We work with the help of our experienced faculty to create tools and techniques which will create an useful environment for companies and trainees.
  •   We consider our company lucky in creating android applications, which is most common mobile phone environment as it uses rich environment and easy to use applications. With our experienced trainers we work on creating amazing applications which include SMS Applications, Maps and Simple Data Driven Applications. Most of the application uses technologies such as Java, XML, SQL and use environments such as Android Studio or Eclipse.

      CyberRafting: Android Training Company in Mumbai